Photography 101


Yesterday I had a huge opportunity to conduct the Photography workshop for the freshers here at TFPS. Adding to that was the pleasure of co-hosting with my friends Saurav and Srikar. P.S. They are one of my favorite photographers so do checkout their profiles 😇. It was quite an experience for me. From planning on the content and flow of the workshop to discovering dozens of excellent photographers and their works to revisiting some old favorites, it clearly took us by amaze and nostalgia. I could also finally appreciate the hard work my seniors did when they fuelled my love for photography during my junior days.

Here are the slides if you want to take a look. Most photographs have credits below them which will take you to the profile of the photographer/source or an article about the importance of that photograph.

A section which we wanted to add but could not because of the time-constraint was "Why Photography?". I am sure if we would have gone with this, it would easily convert into a half an hour monologue.

Phptography, for me, is the ultimate escape plan. Clicking photos is an experience which I love the most and it has helped in times when I felt the lowest. However it is much more than any medication. Every photo I like, has some story behind it. It might be the the place I was at, the people I was with or the memories I created while taking that photo. The reason, Steve McCurry is one of my favorite photographers is because his every photo has a very unique story behind it.

It is totally possible that your views won't align with mine and it's not a bad thing. Everyone has a different interpretation of photography and photographs. Like every other art form, photography too is very subjective. At the end, it boils down to whether we are able to appreciate it.