Chirag Ghosh
A final year undergrad at IIT Kharagpur.
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Hello There....

At the time of writing this, I am exploring the world of algorithms and web development.

I hate CP although I find DSA intriguing. I find the open source community awesome and starting to contribute in it. In my free time, I binge tech and cooking videos in youtube or watch a tv-series (mostly drama and comedy). I am a huge fan of friends and its the goto spot whenever I do not feel good.

I love listening to music with choices changing bi-weekly. Though, I am more attached to those songs during JEE days than anything else. I still have that 7.1 GB folder of mixed English-Hindi songs which served me throughout those 2 years. Kinda the reason why Alan Walker is still my fav.

Oh! I love photography too. Mostly of nature and animals. I feel that whenever I go out to click photos, i move closer to nature, away from my regular table with laptop, keyboa...... you get the idea.

I love talking to people and listening to their experiences. In this blog, I plan to document my learnings and express other thoughts.